Saturday, March 28

and... where did this month go?

March is over. Basically.

And I'm not real sorry to see it go. It's just a bridge month to summer and I am ready beyond ready for summer. The freedom of saying "Go outside and play." is wonderful.

We're beginning to think about our garden. I'd like snap peas and tomatoes, a variety of summer squash, and pumpkins. Since traditionally Hubs ends up doing the bulk of the work these decisions are more his than mine. Unless I can get him to believe me when I say "I'll help more this year, I promise!" -Which is a promise I make every year and every year it proves empty though I DO have the best of intentions in April. I never mean for it to become a lie, it just kind of does. But I believe in changing and growing and improving and so this year we will have the same conversation and... And, we'll see what happens come June.

June! Ahhh! Just thinking about it makes me happy! My BFF is coming to visit. I've booked a B&B up in Michigan, so we get to Road Trip! We haven't done this in ever, really. I mean not without our parents along. Ha! It's going to be wonderful! Even if it rains the entire time and we don't get to visit the beach it will still be wonderful. I imagine us staying up all night, painting toe nails and giggling like school girls... But the reality is we are both mothers of young children so it is far more likely that we'll go to bed by 10, and sleep until 9 and it will be GLORIOUS.


Life is good. I had a painting party to celebrate the Vernal Equinox, which is a holiday in this house. Ten women came and we ate the most amazing food and turned Enya on and filled our canvases with whatever we were in the mood to paint. The next day I received a ton of "That was so fun! Thanks for inviting me!" texts and one "When can we do that again?" So, it was a win. And perhaps will become another annual event like my book exchange party in the fall.

And now I'll go shower and dress for the day because it IS 12:45 & I probably should.

Sunday, March 1

check it

If you could hear me saying that you'd also hear the sunshine and rainbows that burst from my heart with those words. I love March because March brings the official start of Spring -even though real REAL Spring usually takes it's sweet time. It's still on the calendar.
Also. Target's ad this week is a swimsuit sale SO even Target knows summer is just around the corner and that is so happy. So, so happy.
In other news...
It's been kind of a long-ish day. My Pirate was double his usual demanding and I'm worn out. I feel like an old, holey sock. Limp. Stinky. At the bottom of a dirty clothes pile.
Netflix put MASH on their streaming, so I'm going to go watch an episode of that, nurse my babe, and cash in for the day. For the week.

Thursday, February 5

this is where we are...

Pirate is sick. Not sick enough to just lay there half-conscious in quiet misery, but just enough to lay there, and in the whiniest, most dramatic voice possible shout out complaints and demands.
My throat hurts!
I have a fever!
I need more water!
I'm hungry!
I need my blanket flat!
Moooo-ooomm! Fix my blanket!
Give me some Cheerios!
I don't want this show anymore!
I want a different show!
Moooo-ooomm! Change my show!!
I need more water!
No, Bear! No!
Moooo-oommm, Bear won't leave me alone!

Every ten minutes. All day long.

We're on day two, if you can call it "day." The sun isn't up yet, but we've been up for an hour and a half.

Bear has quickly discovered how very fun it is to annoy his couch-bound brother. He likes to crawl over and pull on the blanket because it makes Pirate cry. It would be funny if it didn't also include Bear being coughed on and manhandled by Pirate's germy fingers. I really REALLY don't want to deal with two semi-sickies.

I put Bear in his chair with a pile of Cheerios, hoping it would serve as breakfast and a three-minute break for me. He tossed all the Cheerios on the floor, then cried for more.

Now, he's sitting under the table, eating Cheerios and ironically I'm shopping for a camera because I don't have one aside from the one on my phone and as I told Hubs last night:

I need something to document our days.

Because...  I want to remember days like this? *snort*